ACOUSTIC SOUL features Jackie and Fred Holzhauer, longtime contributors to the Colorado music scene in several genres. They bring a unique and powerful acoustic approach to the blues, jazz, light rock, swing and rhythm'n'blues. The duo is strong enough to play to a packed house. With various friends, they have a band for all occasions. Jackie has been a performer in community theater and at various events in the Denver and Boulder area.  Fred and Jackie moved to Marin County, CA in Spring of 2008.


Jackie was lead vocalist and guitarist in the Velveeta Sisters, a very popular and fun band, that played all along the Front Range for Parks and Rec events, for festivals and for popular music spots. They opened for Arlo Guthrie at Mishawaka and for Jonathan Edwards and Dar Williams at the Chatauqua Auditorium in Boulder. The Velveeta Sisters have been featured guests on KGNU, in Boulder. They are shown here with Arlo Guthrie at Mishawaka.


Fred Holzhauer brings a rock'n'roll heritage to the party. Growing up, Fred was strongly influenced by the the folk-rock scene of the east coast in the early to mid ’70’s. Coming to the Denver area in ’74, he found a group of like-minded jammers, the cream of which became Joint Venture ( nothing ventured, nothing gained – as the stage joke went, and the name Doobie Bros. was already taken ... ).

In the mid ’90’s, the successful JV Squad morphed into a much more electric Left of Center Band, having a mission to present high quality rock and roll covers, with focus on accurate vocals and musicianship. Fred served as lead guitarist and second vocalist. LOC gigged heavily for nearly six years, in many popular Colorado venues, disbanding with the retirement of their drummer. For 2 years during this time, Fred also played guitar in the RnB project, JB Rhythm Company, which played many parties and festivals during summer months.

Fred joined local guitar hero, Fred Wolking, as second guitar with the Road Cone Blues Band a busy two year stint with some very quality, road tested musicians. Highlights include one of LoDo’s most enduring and popular midweek jams at the 1515 Market club in LoDo Denver.

acousticsoul F&J 1

Today, Fred likes doing RnB, blues, and jazz with his loving and talented wife, Jackie. Her project is Acoustic Soul. It goes out as a duo, trio, or as a multi-piece ensemble, as the gig and venue require.

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