The Band - Special Guests & Collaborators

Jackie Holzhauer - Guitars & Vocals

Fred Holzhauer - Guitars & Vocals

CA Friends

Mike Fourie - upright and electric bass
Steen Berrig - pitching in on harp
Reggie Scott aka Scotty
- talented R&B singer/Elvis
John Galvin - guitars, keys, and drums
Felix Bannon – strat and bass
Porcupine Shorty on harp
Michael Lipuma – jamming bassist
Steve Seche – drums
Steve Moore – bass
Jeff Kindt – drums
Dan Dee - keys and sometimes drums
Mark Schluter - drums and jazz bass
Dan Brown - great singer and percussionist
Karen Kindig – bass
Tim Gamber - keys, and acoustic and archtop guitars
Krickie !! Marin singer songwriter and cool music hostess
Michael Welch - acoustic folk and rocknroll picker
Ralph Avalon - drums & vocals
Mike Roche - bass
Chris Caselli – Sonoma guitar slinger
Dave Sugarbeet – eclectic electric violin from the UK
John O Wilson – singer songwriter from Marin
Bene’ DaSilva - mandolin
Bob Skye - drums, percussion, harp

CO Contingent

Joe Pacheco - funky bassmeister and good friend
Mike Ray - drum monster and killer festival drum tech
Steve Hively - great drummer coming in on short notice!!  We had a blast!
Rex Peoples - R & B, Blues, and Gospel singing at its finest
Michael Haas - Blues From the Top Gospel Choir
Brian and Ali Grayson - Blues From the Top Gospel Choir
Pam Martinez - Blues From the Top Gospel Choir
Julie Hardy - Blues From the Top Gospel Choir
Tom Lindsay - bass tasties
Scooter Barnes - guitar slinger extraordinaire
Brandy Herbert - undisputed Colorado jazz queen
Todd Treadway - cigarbox blues specialist!!
Brian Ercek - rules on anything with strings and a slide
Bob Horn - tasty harp for any style
Joel Clark - tight vocals and percussion
Kirk Gleinke - rockin' saxophone
Rich Reno - we're blessed again with top guitar talent
Brian McClure - tasty renowned-around-town drummer
Tarki Boynton - way cool bassist
Greg Johnson - 20 years jammin experience with Fred
Steve Bradley - rockin on the bass
John Galvin - Marlboro Man
Kenney Galvin - extreme bass chops
Jeff Graves - drums, great bass, and recording skills
Dave Greenwald - fingerstyle bluesmeister
Tyler Van Winkle - integral to many Winfield all-nighters!
Steve Yesner - another Winfield veteran, flute and harp
Gretchen Newman - mando, guitar and do-wop's
Kevan Fitzgerald - do-wop's
Mahri Martens - queen of the do-wop gals
Gene Wycoff - on the alto sax
Sandy Reay - upright blondie bass
Moses Walker - he plays bass, too!
Wade Krauss - percussion and a zillion great tunes!!
Duane Webster - outrageous upright and electric bass
Kevin MacInness - tasty drummer!
Billy Byrd - drums, guitar, and masterful entertainment!
Mark Mortensen - sittin' in on extreme jazz box
and Joe Bowman the bartender - sing-along king!!

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